Adam, formerly known as Tube and reincarna_tube, the reincarnation of his first account, MegaRocketTube (GameFaqs)

Gamefaqs - Origins Edit

Adam created his Gamefaqs account MegaRocketTube shortly after the announcement of Metal Gear Solid 4. He enjoyed Guard Speaks and telling people off for their stupid ass plot twist ideas. On a day like any other, a topic was created debating the appropriateness and complexity of the Metal Gear Solid series, Adam, in an attempt at humour, said "I'm only 10 and the I enjoy the series just fine". He was promptly banned from Gamefaqs. He was 12, not 10.

For months he could do nothing but watch. His only maintained communication with the board was with the user Aufox, one of the most prominent veterans, who has since vanished. The Patriots are suspect in his disappearance.

Gamefaqs - Reincarnation Edit

In the Spring of 2007, Adam began his dabbling with computers by building his own. He soon discovered he no longer had the same IP address on this computer. In April of '07, he rejoined the ranks of Gamefaqs under the new and now better-known name, reincarna_tube.

Escape from Gamefaqs - GotP, mgschat, The Lounge: Electric Boogaloo Edit

Under the idiocy of the Gamefaqs mods, no one in their right mind has a good time. There were users who took it into their own hands to create escapes, alternate sites and means of discussion, places where users could be free. Stealthit06 created GotP, a cancerous freeforum, Adam joined both versions of this site along with many who would eventually become Boogalosers.

During E3 2007, Adam created an AIM account and became a regular member of mgschat (short for massive gay sex chat). Many Gamefaqs veterans also took part in this offensive and off-topic chat, which in some way was supposed to be in anticipation of MGS4.

After the release of MGS4, the Gamefaqs forum began to destroy itself, very few good people bothered to post anymore, and many of the remaining veterans resorted to trolling in a means to drown out the stupidity of the rest of the forum. It would be a few months of settling for this horrendous board until Snipergirl101 found his AIM account in his Gamefaqs profile. Thus began his days in the Boogaloo. There is no bitterness towards any of the other users for not having invited him to any of their past forums, he completely understands how they ignored him despite having been with Gamefaqs longer than a lot of them. He doesn't even care.