Cloud - more formally known as Shadow Cloud, or ShiningWraith - joined Metal Gear Solid 4 CYOA the time of it's state of disuse. A short while later, he joined The Hidden Roots, steadily becoming less and less active.

After THR was shut down, he became a member of Wanderer's Haven and The Lounge, usually only posting news articles or topics about movies.

The few details known about Cloud are as follows:

  • He's extremely formal.
  • He's twenty two.
  • Quite knowledgeable about movies.
  • Wants to work in the movie industry.
  • Is 22 years of age.
  • He's an inactive user.

His main interest is writing screenplays, although he rarely shares them. Currently he is working on a trilogy, made up so far of his scripts, "A Question Of Justice," and "A Question Of Remorse."