Dante Leonhart

Perhaps the biggest influence on the post MGS4-release GameFAQs board. He never lost an argument. Ever.

Other internet legaciesEdit

Known for creating the very first show out of the Star Trek: Bridge Commander PC games. There are only 2 episodes, with the 2nd split up into two parts. A third episode is rumored due to the fact that the second ended on a cliff-hanger, but given the scope of the script, its release is unlikely.

After the release of the Bridge Commander episodes, he was commissioned to do several trailers for some high-profile mods. Namely, DS9fx, Kobayashi Maru and even paired up with the writer of the Bridge Commander PC game's story to work on a mod for Star Trek Legacy. Unfortunately, due to in-fighting the Legacy mod never materialized.

Dante's work inspired an explosion of many Bridge Commander trailers on youtube, several of which pay homage to his well-known, sweeping camera angles.

Current where-aboutsEdit

Dante currently still actively posts in the BCS-TNG community, the MGS4 GameFAQs board and recently joined the Lounge.