Religion Edit

Back in the days of GameFaqs, Dellrizla started his own religion. Those who followed it and worshiped him were known as Dellrizlonians. The religion briefly proved quite popular, joining such celebrity fad religions as Kabbalah and Scientology. His devotees would include mention of their religious beliefs in their sigs. It also briefly sparked a holy war between some young, upstart punk religion, but the pagan GameFaqs mods would have none of it. The religion, like all religions seem to be doing, faded away.

It is believed there may be some Neo-Dellrizlonians, but they cannot be found and probably don't even exist.

The Commandments of the Dellrizlonian religion are quoted here from Dellrizla himself.

  • You are leaglly allowed to kill anyone who is in your way in a crowded street.
  • Don't love your fellow man. Hate him.
  • Do love your fellow neighbour's wife. Love her good.
  • Nukes are ok. Go nuts.
  • Stop trying to save the ****ing whales.
  • American football will now be known as soccer. And soccer will now be given its proper title of football back. You kick a ball with your feet, people! Hence: FOOTBALL!!!
  • Running over old people in the street will make me love you more.
  • Always piss into the wind. It's fun.
  • All who wishes to pirate DVDs and screw over Hollywood... Hell yeah!