dragonisreborn, AKA Jeff, is one of the newer members to The Lounge, having never been involved in CYOA, or The Hidden Roots.

Origins Edit

He made his way into this group the same way as anyone else, though, starting at the MGS4 boards on GameFAQs, watching it slowly deteriorate, as all of their collective sanities deteriorated from the lack of new information. However, instead of leaving, and going to CYOA, he wandered into mgschat one day, and was intrigued by the rather unique personalities of its inhabitants. From there, he was invited to one of the incarnations of GotP, run by StealhHit06, which has subsequently disappeared. By the way, he LOOOOVES the cock.

Disappearance, and Subsequent Return Edit

For almost a year, he disappeared, claiming computer troubles. Then, he resurfaced one day, in August of 2008, being reinvited to the newest, and current, incarnation of GotP. There, he began to talk to more of the posters once again, starting friendships up with some of the members there, including Adam. After quite some time, Adam gave the link to Jeff, wondering why he had never joined The Lounge before.

Recent History Edit

Jeff joined The Lounge, and has met some vibrant and unique personalities, although has not really started talking to any of them, and still hasn't added any of them on PSN yet. Although he doesn't currently have Xbox Live, he is working towards getting it so he can play with fellow Xbros, Sien and Ateo . He's also been suckin' cock. He loves facials.

Trivia, because all the cool kids are doing it. Edit

  • He lurked GameFAQs long before he signed up, never realizing they had message boards for the longest time.
  • His username for pretty much everything, dragonisreborn, is a corruption of his first e-mail address, which he had to make as a freshman in high school. This e-mail,, was named as such because of a series of books he had been reading. The main character is not as cool as he was to a fresh little 14 year old.
  • He has massive insomnia, and is almost always awake. Except in pictures, oddly.
  • He has horrible luck with Sony products, despite preferring first party Sony games over others. His first PSP broke within a week, his PS2 won't read most of his games anymore, even ones in perfect condition, his PS3 got a DRE and had to be sent in, and currently has the YLOD, but he does not have the money to get it fixed. Instead, he just upgraded to a new slim model, and has been happily replaying his entire backlog of games ever since.
  • He recently gave up his dream of the past couple years of getting a degree in English, and becoming and English teacher at his old high school, in favor of a new, more awesome career. He is going to pursue a degree in criminology and psychology, and become the goddamn Batman.