Part 2 of the Axis of Stupidity.

Giga--The man who became the worst meme in MGS4 GameFAQs history. The AIDS of the internet.

History Edit

Birth and Early Life Edit

Giga was spawned in the dark depths of Hell on a particularly rainy day. As he chewed his way out of Satan's womb, the Doctors noted his excellent jaw skills. They knew he would be good as one of two things: a prostitute or a troll. As he grew, the Doctor's studied him, hoping to learn how best the community of Hell could utilize this boy. They observed how he interacted with the other Hell Spawn (not very well), and how he did in school (instead of relying on facts, he instead would tell the teacher that he "had a good feeling about it"). The Doctor's soon realized that this boy was destined to become a troll. On his seventh birthday, they came to a decision: He was to troll the GameFaqs MGS4 boards. They gave him his mission and sent him up to Earth's surface.

GameFaqs Edit

After securing a computer, young Giga got straight to work. He set up multiple accounts and began to assault the boards from all angles with his claims that MGS4 would be ported and that Otacon would certainly go FUBAR. His notoriety rose quickly. Despite his increasing infamy on the boards, however, people continued to be drawn in by his topics. Unlike fellow troll SickPuppy, who would use old articles and rumors to aid his arguments, Giga almost never actually offered proof, instead saying that he "had a good feeling about it" and even claimed to have talked to MGS creator Hideo Kojima himself. He continues violently raping the board to this very day, gang banging it with his multiple accounts. He lived happily ever after.

Signature Edit

Giga always ends his posts with a special face: *~*
Giga 2.0

Giga's signature and what an artist believes he actually looks like

No one knows why he does this, or what the face means. Some have speculated that it's actually supposed to be his face, which could very well have that expression of idiocy frozen on it. It will forever go down as one of the great mysteries of the world, along with such mysteries like Stonehenge (who built it? What is it for?), Mt. Rushmore (what are the odds four of our presidents faces would be carved in this mountain? Who predicted it?) and William Shatner's toupee (this one's self-explanatory).