One of the wiser and more dignified of the Lounge users. He migrated over from GOTP much like many other members.

Originally -- and still sometimes -- Ultima1 on the GameFAQs forum, Grant fell into a bad crowd in 2004 with the likes of Jerel Smith, Walter Werner and Bobstat The Liar. His mental health was pushed to the limit and there was a considerable period of time where he suffered acute breakdowns on a regular basis.

Around 2007, he looked towards curing himself. He left the internet for a while to build a social life and because he was starting college, but after about eight months of absence, he started to return on a regular basis and talk with the people who had previously ruined him.

Many people have noticed a change in Grant from 2008 onwards. He no longer rants quite like he used to and has become more apathetic towards things. Some speculate that this is because he finally started going through puberty. Others have said that the original Grant is dead and during the eight month absence, he was replaced by a robot.