Real name Nathan, age 19, lives in London Guildford, England. One of the current admins for The Lounge.


On the Metal Gear Solid 4 message board, Nathan was an avid badass. He and MegaRocketTube would frequently catch crappy topics within seconds of them being created, and sarcastically, or bluntly insult the fools within them. He maintains his badassery with difficulty due to his need for a haircut ease due to his easily managable much shorter hair. The only truly memorable thing he ever did was make a hilarious fake MGS4 cover by hand. Other masterpieces include Resident Evil 5 and MGS: Rising box arts.


Initially Nathan was dead set against the idea of the CYOA board, having a low opinion and total lack of interest in the GameFAQ's CYOA topics. However after some convincing he decided to give the site a try and was pleasantly surprised to find the site had a much larger range of topics than he had feared with the titular CYOA's taking little space.

The Hidden RootsEdit

He was invited to the replacement site and left the dying cesspool of the old site with haste. He decided that he could maintain the Poll of the Day section better than anyone else and took control of it after some harsh criticism of former polls.

The Lounge Edit

Dismayed at the sudden removal of THR Nathan was pleased to hear of a replacement that wasn't run by FoxGirl and joined instantly, becoming the first member of the site who wasn't one of the three original admins. He was given a choice between simply moderating the PotD section or becoming a mod of the whole site and being the power loving prick he is he chose the latter, eventually upgrading to the level of 'admin' after several hours of grinding on the world map.

He also eventually gave up on his first true love, creating polls, after he realised he had used every single idea for a poll ever. He also blames the fact that growing amounts of responsibility in his life as he grew from a good for nothing layabout into a slightly busier good for nothing layabout made maintaining a daily poll too difficult for him, leaving the entire section in ruins. About a year later after several hours of getting misty eyed over old photographs of his beloved polls he revived them.

He is seemingly the calmest of the admins, and definitely the one that types "lol" most infrequently. His Mug Shots make the girls swoon, and the guys jealous. Fuck it, it makes guys swoon too. Whatever swoon means. They do it.

Images Edit


His MGS4 Box Art