IllusionofSafety, formerly known as Valera, real name Josh.


He's known sometimes as an asshole, but he's tolerated because he's witty sometimes, and his negativity gives other users laughs until it comes in their direction, after which they plot ways to kill him behind his back. He loves metal, and along with Itgoesto forms the authority on Metal and all its subgenres.

Josh has aspirations of becoming a diplomat or teacher, but at the least an important, prominent member of the community.

He has a soft spot for anyone interested in adopting children, as he himself is adopted.

He is well respected by the prominent board members for cutting straight to the chase without the sugar-coating popular among many, cynical in nature but an outstanding representative for the human race.


  • Josh is pro @ breaking PS3s, having 2 die on him within a week of each other.
  • Doesn't like Tool, which demonstrates his excellent taste in music.
  • As someone who frequently filled his music requests, I put his "excellent taste in music" into question.