Kat, formerly known as fighterchicks. "She" is believed to really be a middle aged male who stole pictures from a random girl's Myspace page.

Origins Edit

Kat was first invited to the forums by Snipergirl. Right from the get go, she was constantly harassed by a certain user who was somewhat aroused by the username she used. Through extensive and painstaking interrogation sessions, it was learned that she was a 19 (Now 20) year old college student at UCSB.

Personality Edit

She is known as a perfectionist in academics with just about everything to show for it. She enjoys swimming, running, and long walks on the beach (Not sure about the last one but if she doesn't she's taking her surroundings for granted).

She's very brash, rarely sugarcoating anything she says. She's known to be snappy and somewhat defensive, so she can sometimes be mistaken for your common bitch, but there's much more method to this lady's madness.

There's a very, very good chance that she's Mandy Moore, but she'll deny it and maul anyone who mentions it. Probably because she wants to avoid the publicity.

Above all she's confident, hardworking, and goal driven. Stay off her bad side and she's great, hell she might even save your life one day. Or maybe just kill you.

She also happens to be incredibly clumsy. Having injured herself on several occasions...particularly around certain people who happen to be carrying pencils.