KissTina is not an alt of Adam. She likes sharp things and ice cream, and if you tickle her, she will scream rape in the middle of a crowded street and point at you. It causes a real ruckus.


She's heartless.

Bio Edit

Cristina Yap is a fun(violence) loving girl(zombie). She's supposedly dating Adam, if she is indeed not his alt, it could be possible. Unlikely because she's way better looking than him.

Cristina likes to steal things from anyone she's around. She also enjoys causing them physical pain with her long, sharp, but very colourful and pretty fingernails. Her favourite movies include Kung Fu Hustle and Princess Bride.

She is currently married to Tyler Wondolowski, or Sien. He possibly either uses her as a cover to hide the fact that he's massively homosexual, or only has her through being very good in bed.

Noteworthy shtuff Edit

She has hair, it is lots. As seen by her frequently stated words "I has hair, it is lots."

She will make an effort to cut you if you're near her. Or in Adam's case, she makes an active effort to elbow him in the eye each time she sees him.