Lab's little red tricycle

Lab392 (AKA Lawrence) is a moderator of the Lounge/Boogaloo message board.

Early History Edit

Lab discovered the MGS4 GameFAQs boards during the end of the reign of the Vetriots. One day, during the GameFAQs CYOA riots, Lab came upon a link to the CYOA message board. At CYOA and The Hidden Roots, Lab was well known for posting pictures in response to topics.

The Board Split and Wanderer's Haven Edit

When Dilla deleted The Hidden Roots, Lab was one of the few members who created and maintained accounts on both The Lounge and Wanderer's Haven. Lab served as a sort of carrier pigeon between the two boards during the several cross-board conflicts. He is also, notably, the only person to hold Moderator status on both boards at the same time. As such, he is your supreme diplomat. Bow to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Lab has stated that he regrets that he was once a neo-con. He "watched Glenn Beck, was afraid of the government, and even hated negros."
  • Lab is afraid of vaginas.
  • Lab is one of only three regular black posters on the Lounge.
  • Lab is also the only black to hold administrative office throughout the boards' history. That means he's damn near Barack Obama. Bow again.
  • Lab started a strange online relationship with a girl many years ago in the MMO Endless Online. He still thanks God that the girl was not a scary male pedophile in disguise, and he cries when he realizes how pathetic he was.
  • Lab was the first person to post in Itgoesto11's original Choose Thine Own Adventurous Adventure thread.
  • Lab is a fan of the late 80's- early 90's Dub/Punk/Reggae/Ska band Sublime.
  • He is the child of itgoesto11 and Sien.