Despite being quite pretty, suffers from low self esteem. She massively enjoys porn, masturbation, and pictures of any users dick she can get her hands on.

About Edit

A full-time college student, she has a tendency of being inactive in the forums. Despite that, she is very caring and doesn't like to instigate. She keeps to herself and tries to seek peace whenever an argument arises. "Internet: Serious Business" is her motto. She is known as "Sabrena".

History Edit

LotusQ was invited to the forums more than a year ago by CorinneQ. She was one of CorinneQ's supporters after her GameFAQs forums account was banned for posting fanart photos of Solid Snake's solid snake (despite being a users request). She followed her in hopes of more images of this snake.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a younger brother who will own you in Deathmatch on Metal Gear Online; he currently holds the #1 position.
  • She has no patience for MGO because she dies too much.
  • She is an avid gamer and enjoys shooting/killing things in third person.
  • She's secretly infatuated with Ateo although their relationship is more brother-sister.
  • She is always horny.
  • She has Haitian ancestry.
  • Lotus comes from the name of her favorite plant (Nelumbo). Lotus also has many spiritual religions meanings.
  • The Q in LotusQ stands for Queen. LotusQ's original pename/handlename/nickname is Queen Nepy (Nepy = Neptune, her favorite planet in the solar system).
  • Veteran of the CYOA board.