Also not an alt of Adam. Originates from Canada, no prior message board history to be noted.

Ties to the site Edit

Adam invited him on the grounds that the site can never have too many geniuses. Especially ones that love hockey mirite? He infrequently posts, but visits quite often.

Trivia Edit

  • Murtage is the Boogaloo's authority on animals, though they'd never know it.
  • Every girl in this hemisphere finds him foxy, and consistently try to get in his pants. He rejects them for they are feeble, and awaits being found by Jessica Alba.
  • He owns a Nintendo Wii and lately forgets why
  • Is a master of stealth-movements, can slip into a room undetected by unwanted eyes. This never fails.
  • Plans to create a race-enslaving computer, ignoring the drawback that he would promptly be enslaved.
  • Performs well in most track events. But skips practices and generally shows up late to the meets. He'll still run your shit though.