History Edit

Penguin is widely considered the running gag of the Lounge. He was one of the original members of the CYOA as a moderator. He fell out of favor due to many of the users criticizing him for ignoring his duties as a moderator on the site. When The Hidden Roots (THR) was formed his position was removed as well as his continued membership on THR. However, in time Penguingod was eventually given another chance after much discussion of whether or not to invite him. When he did find out there was a new site he littered CYOA with spam topics confirming the long believed immaturity of the poor soul.

After all was said and done he eventually calmed down and behaved as his usual self on THR.

However, when THR unexpectedly went down he found himself without a board to crawl to.

Circa Board Split Edit

Two new sites emerged from THR's demise: The Lounge and Wanderer's Haven. The Lounge had a special tagline: No Penguingods Allowed!

Penguingod was able to sign up for Wanderer's Haven, but was deleted after conflict with Fox Girl. However, deep in his fortress of immense solitude, Penguingod was able to sculpt a plan (or so he thought) of infiltrating the Lounge. His plan was as follows:

1. Sign up at the Lounge under the username "Kirbysuperstar", a user that he says "everybody liked". However, Kirbysuperstar had a noticeable lack of Penguingod characteristics. Penguingod did not take this into consideration when devising his plan.

2. Penguingod thought that he could somehow ascend from the status of being a lowly Penguingod to being a moderator or administrator of the Lounge. By acting friendly and kissing enough ass he planned to reach this goal.

3. After ascending to a throne of authority, Penguingod hoped to receive the ultimate orgasm (something he has yet to achieve as of this writing) by revealing himself to everybody.

However, certain administrators on both the Lounge and WH (very) briefly worked together to expose Penguingod which resulted in him being banned from the Lounge.

To this day, users often remark that one can still hear the echo of the banhammer smashing Penguingod back into the rectal matter from which he came.

A short time later, a new user signed up at WH under the username Rita. This turned out to be (guess who?) Penguingod back with a different IP address. Unfortunately, nobody really cared about this revelation of Penguingod reinfiltrating a dead site.

Today, Penguin still posts occasionally on GameFAQs. His current situation is unknown, but it is assumed he is on an epic quest to suck even harder.