The Man Edit

Richard Birches is the man (or boy) responsible for revealing the Treasure Island Dizzy thread to Sugar J during The Hidden Roots' activity, causing the raising of tensions between the two camps that would later form The Lounge and Wanderer's Haven. No one knows just who Richard is. It is known, however, that Richard either had an account on Wanderer's Haven or on The Lounge. That means Richard could be Nil. He could be Zemita. He could be you. Hell, he could even be the person who wrote this article. One thing, however, is for sure. Richard Birches will always be ready to reveal corruption and hatred. He vows to fight for good until his dying breath.

The Myth Edit

Some say Richard doesn't really exist. You haven't heard of them? That's because he killed them.

The Legend Edit

Books have been written about him, but no one has found them books. LOL!