Part 3 of the Axis of Stupidity.

Trolling Style Edit

Sick Puppy was notorious for using old articles (usually rumors) as proof that MGS4 would be ported to the 360. He would ignore any and all counter-proof provided, even though most of the counter-proof was more recent and from Kojima's mouth itself. His trolls were often successful, fooling large amounts of other users into having never ending, pitiful arguments. His greatest achievement was having two different troll topics remain on the first page until they both reached 500 posts, at which point they were locked and disappeared into the vast darkness of the interent, only to be remembered in the songs and stories of those brave users who ventured into his topics and came out alive and with full function of their brains.

Posting Style Edit

Sick Puppy had a rather unique posting style; he would insert copious amounts of ellipses, creating sentences......that went...... on....... forever..... and were extremely frustrating to read. As a result of his elongated sentence structure, many users had to stop in mid-sentence to catch their breath and regain strength before venturing on. It was wise to pack food and supplies if one were to ever try and talk to Sick Puppy. He has long since given up the ghost due to euthanasia.

Trivia Edit

  • Sick Puppy is Itgoesto11's favorite troll.
  • SickPuppy is Technics’ least favorite troll. He believes the fact that such a bland, unoriginal, and painfully obvious troll could inspire such mayhem is a testament to stupidity of the posters of GameFAQs.