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Sien (AKA Tyler), known as Sienrurouni in the early days, is an administrator of The Lounge/Boogaloo message board.

Early Days Edit

Sien began posting on GameFaqs prior to MGS4's release. He defied the odds and became a well-liked and popular member. Smartly, he made the jump to CYOA before GameFaqs completely rotted his brain. On CYOA, he again defied all expectations and became a well-respected member. On both CYOA and GameFAQs, Zemita and he worked as a team jacking topics. This would often create pages of pointless drivel, which other users would have to sift through. It was on this board that he befriended Itgoesto11. They began a writing partnership that continues to this day. When CYOA went downhill, Sien jumped ship to The Hidden Roots and continued being popular, despite early predictions from some big-time analysts.

Board Split and Wanderer's Haven Edit

When The Hidden Roots came to an end, Sien and Nil created The Lounge/Boogaloo. Sien also briefly maintained an account on Wanderer's Haven, but was banned when it was jacked and used to spam the site. He is currently an administrator, living out the last of his days in Oregon doing what he loves most: writing stories with Itgoesto11 and hanging out with his fellow Boogalosers.

Trivia Edit

  • Sien is a massive Bruce Campbell fan and believes him to be groovier than you.

The picture of Sien, used at his funeral.

  • Had a funeral, held by Itgoesto11, on CYOA. The funeral was held because he believed he would be killed after he messed around with a Navy guy's girl. Despite how badass this should've made him, people chose to remember him not as this new, interesting and cool guy, but as the Sien they all knew.
  • Is a fan of British television, especially the works of Simon Pegg, Doctor Who and Torchwood.
  • Has enough weapons to arm the entire Canadian army (all six of them)
  • By night he becomes... The Phantom Of The Lounge!
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