Snipergirl. Edit

Snipergirl101, also known as Sniper, Snips, Snipez, Snipey and Serena, has been on the Lounge (Electric Boogaloo) since it's creation. She wasn't very active at that time, unfortunately spending most of her time on the sister site - Wanderer's Haven. A little while later, she began to prefer the Lounge over WH (due to some ...unpleasant... interactions with the Admin and Mod staff of WH) , and divided her time equally on the two.

GameFAQs History. Edit

Serena was introduced to GameFAQs by her uncle, who uses the username 'rascal' on the site. After a few months of posting on the Metal Gear Solid 4 board, she was inspired by Itgoesto11's CTOAA (Chooseth Thine Own Adventerous Adventure) and decided to write a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) of her own.

Looking back on it, she agrees that it wasn't that good.

At the time, it was great.

It featured an assortment of GameFAQs members as the leading characters, most notably _Final_Phoenix_, Valera071, Dellrizla, Ilanna (Fox Girl), Bman, AlPhAoMeGa81, Sien, Zemita and DillaThaKilla.

After a short period of time, her CYOA and Itgoesto11's CTOAA were both deleted. DillaThaKilla created MGS4CYOA forums, and later, The Hidden Roots, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Notes On Wanderer's Haven. Edit

At the time of it's beginning, Wanderer's Haven was not that bad a place.

Then it degraded.

And died.

And the Admins went batshit crazy.

Things To Note. Edit

  • Serena's a passionate writer, but if you get between her and her notepad, it's generally best to either run or duck before you get punched in the face.
  • She also has an anti-social streak, earning her the tag-name of "Little Miss Anti-Social.", despite Sien's attempts to use it as his own tag name (he felt that "Site Admin" didn't suit him).