Where it all began. A lot of us don't remember anything from this time, so please, older members, fill this page up.

History Edit

Originally created by Dilla as a place where people could escape from the oppressive GameFaqs mods, for many it fast became a complete replacement for the MGS4 board. Those invited to the site found that, in addition to the much better moderation, that everything was a step up from GameFaqs. That there was less idiot users who were incapable of using the capitals button was likely the biggest draw. Despite it's name, there was more to it than just CYOA's: social boards, game specific board and more were also a part of it. It soon became its own little community, one that continued to grow for it's entire life span.

The Creation of The Hidden Roots Edit

But the perfect community wouldn't last. Slowly, as more people invited their friends and people they said "seemed cool", the board began to feel a little like GameFaqs. There were too many users and not enough content was worth caring about. By allowing anyone to join, the board had essentially become GameFaqs junior. Suddenly not everyone was happy anymore.

Because of this, several key members of the board, namely Dilla and Ateo, created The Hidden Roots, a new site. It was called The Hidden Roots because it was an attempt at going back to the roots of CYOA and what made it so great, and it was hidden from unwanted members still in CYOA. Only those invited could join this time, to keep the population quality high and quantity low. CYOA continued, and some Hidden Roots users continued posting there, but it quickly descended into chaos.

Unbeknownst to many, Dilla gave Ateo his account information and supreme authority over The Hidden Roots. Ateo was managing Hidden Roots under the guise of Dilla. After Ateo discussed how he didn't want to have to be running the site alone with Dilla, Dilla decided to close the site. He briefly reopened Hidden Roots so that people could swap information, but everything else was lost. It was then that Foxgirl created Wanderer's Haven, and Nil and Sien decided to create The Lounge.