The place where we really became a community, and where battle lines were drawn for the future.

History Edit

The Hidden Roots was originally a spin off from the first forum, Metal Gear Solid 4: Choose Your Own Adventure. However, this forum came under attack from trolls and flamers, so it was decided that, in order to preserve sanity, a new forum would be created. MGS4: CYOA was still open, but activity lessened to an alarming extent. It was used as a sort of 'testing-ground' for new users. (What kind of troll wouldn't be able to resist spamming a deserted forum?)

The Hidden Roots was once again created by Dilla and maintained by Ateo.

General Timeline. Edit

  • The site was created.
  • Users joined.
  • Nil began creating sigs.
  • Arguements would erupt for various reasons, including, but not limited to the "I'm an MGO Addict" topic run by Fox and her friends.
  • Stuff.
  • Everything eventually calmed down, but tensions were simmering.
  • The board was deleted.
  • Outer Haven, later renamed Wanderers Haven, was created.
  • The Lounge was created.