Home of the Boogalosers!

"Dude, Where’s My Forum?"

On a fateful August day in 2008, the members of The Hidden Roots found themselves aghast to discover that their beloved forum was no more. According to Dilla, he no longer had the will to run the website, so he saw fit to obliterate it entirely. If the official story sounds retarded, rest assured that it’s not just you who thinks so.

"One Dilla? Two Dillas?! Oh, My Medication!"

As it turns out, “Dilla” was actually two users, the original DillaThaKilla, and Ateo. DillaThaKilla had grown tired of his administrative duties since CYOA, and wanted Ateo to take over. Wanting to keep this secret, they both shared the “Dilla” account. Because Ateo had found running an entire message board community by himself tiresome, he expressed this to Dilla, who thought it to mean, “O LAWDY!!! COME BACK, O’ SHUT DOWN DIS MUH’FUCKA!!!.” Dilla did the latter.


.Nil., Sien, and Ateo quickly decided that this was not the end. They created their own forum, and called it The Lounge. This would be where the cool posters of Hidden Roots decided they would congregate.

"What’s in a Name?"

Originally, “The Lounge” was a placeholder name. When the administrators were taking name suggestion, Technics came up with “4chan 2: Electric Boogaloo,” a joke referring to the imageboard 4chan, whom he and fellow /b/tard .Nil. visit on a frequent basis. “Electric Boogaloo” is a joke referring to fake sequels that will be inferior in quality. It was decided that this would be the name for some time, and later on, it would be changed to The Lounge: Electric Boogaloo. Technics bitches anytime it’s referred to as “The Lounge,” as he believes it’s an unnecessary throwback to THR. He believes Electric Boogaloo is the forum’s true name, and that it should also be made the forum's official name.


The Lounge is THE most popular website on the Internet. It’s daily traffic is calculated to be at astronomic levels, and Alexa ranks it as the #1 most visited site on the planet .