Zar, formerly known as Shadow_Of_Zar

History Edit

Zar started off in Gamefags as Shadow_Of_Zar. Later he joined CYOA, the first of many ill-fated boards. Months before the death of CYOA, Zar disappeared into nothingness, only later coming back to a dead site and a email from a skank telling him to join The Hidden Roots forum. Zar went to the link only to be thwarted by another dead forum. Emailing the E-hag bitch, he got a link to a Piece Of Shit site called Wanderers Haven which was shit, but he joined anyway since Zar had nothing better to do. Thankfully the great Ateo him a link to a real site, one called The Lounge: Electric Boogaloo, or The Boogaloo for short.

Trivia Edit

  • Zar gets flak for shitty grammar, but he doesn't give a fuck, he has better things to do then to check it.
  • His trademark avatar is an animated Monopoly figure, which changes frequently depending on his mood.
  • Just so you know, Zar's real name is Matthew McCay.